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I want my class to bring an authentic Tudor packed lunch. What do you suggest?

There were no sugary drinks, crisps or chocolate in the 16th century. Some ideas could include chicken, cheese, hunks of bread, apples, plums and a flask of apple juice all wrapped up in a cloth and in a small basket!

Do you offer costumes for adults?

No, but we do have some ideas for you - men can tuck their trousers into long socks and wear a white shirt with waistcoat or sleeveless cardigan and a suitable cap. Ladies should wear a long skirt with blouse and small sleeveless cardigan. A shawl could be worn or put over the head. The ‘look’ is basic 16th century, fairly plain materials and earthy colours!

What time do we need to arrive?

Please arrive ready for your workshops to start at 10am.

What time do we finish?

Your workshop will finish at 2pm. We recommend a 2:15pm finish for workshops including costumes.

Is there somewhere to buy food?

The village shop is a short walk away. You will pass it on the way to Sulgrave Manor.

Can I get tea/coffee?

Drinks are available on request - 50p for tea or coffee.

Can we buy souvenirs?

Our shop is well stocked with pocket money gifts and souvenirs. Many schools like the children to shop for themselves – giving them opportunities for independent decision making and budgeting. Some schools prefer the convenience of Goody Bags which are available in a range of prices.