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Join the Lord of the Manor’s servants as they bring Sulgrave Manor to life and help pupils to discover more about our fascinating history.

Living Long Ago KS1
Bringing history alive by comparing the Manor House, its rooms & artefacts with modern day living…where is the fridge, microwave, washing-machine, bathroom and television? Get hands-on & active with music, dance, toys & games from hundreds of years ago. Make a lavender bag to take home & protect yourself from the plague!

Exploration in the 16th Century KS1-2
Consider the reasons for & dangers of sea voyages during this great period of discovery. Handle artefacts, discuss provisions, load the ship, follow clues or maps to search for treasure, such as potatoes, turkey & chocolate! Year 5 & 6 students try early navigational techniques with a compass, log-line & traverse board.

The Tudor Experience KS2
Compare the lives of the rich & the poor in Tudor times. The Lord of the Manor’s servants will lead you to explore his house & authentic artefacts. You can learn how to write with a quill and ink in the school room and play with some of the toys and games Tudor children would have enjoyed.

Tudor Christmas KS2
Discover how the Tudors celebrated Christmas. Sing ancient Christmas songs, take part in the Sulgrave Mummers Play and make a Tudor sweet treat from sugar or marzipan. Make a wish as you stir up a Christmas pudding to take back to school. Christmas crafts include making an orange & clove pomander or an ever-green decoration.

  • “Ursula met us at the gate playing the recorder and stayed in her character role the whole time. She was brilliant. She did a great job constantly connecting the old Tudor way of doing things with what the children do today. Ursula told them about the "wind holes" that turned into the word 'windows'! I learned a lot, as well as, the children!”

    Year 1 Teacher