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Sulgrave Manor relies on the support of donors to maintain the property and to enable it to be opened to the public. If you would like to help us to achieve our objectives your donation would be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

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Supporting Sulgrave Manor


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Supporting Sulgrave Manor

The Sulgrave Manor Trust is a charity whose mission is to preserve this Tudor Manor House, the ancestral home of the family of George Washington, for the public benefit.

Sulgrave Manor has suffered from lack of investment and is struggling to cope with the repairs and on-going maintenance this Tudor house and its associated buildings desperately need.

An example of this is the east wall of the kitchen, which was re-plastered and painted in the late 1970s. Unfortunately, both the plaster and paint that were used are neither correct historically nor right for the building. The result is that, as the stone wall cannot “breathe”, large sections of the plaster have now fallen off and the rest is turning to powder behind the paint. Estimates to put this back to the way it should be start at £2,500.

We are faced with many such challenges!

The Sulgrave Manor Trust is charged with the task of providing and supporting education in subject areas relevant to Sulgrave Manor and its historic role in the history of Anglo-American relations and to the history, literature and institutions of the United States.

Sulgrave Manor houses the largest collection of George Washington memorabilia held in the United Kingdom and possibly outside the United States. We have a small display room where some of these artefacts can be viewed by visitors, but much remains unseen in our archives, which are currently in the attics. 

Ideally a proper archive space and George Washington Museum should be established so that visitors cannot only view this extensive collection but also use the archives as a resource for study. 

The existing Brewhouses have been identified as a possible location, but work needs to be done to ensure that the atmosphere is correct for the storage of such valuable items and display furniture needs to be acquired. The costs have been estimated to run into the tens of thousands of pounds.

Please help us save this important heritage site, your donation will be put to good use in maintaining both the property and in achieving the charitable objectives of the trust.

The easiest way to donate is through our Just Giving account, which can be accessed using the Just Giving button on the left.