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Special Offers for Non-profit Organisations

Tuesday and Wednesday School Holiday Specials

A special offer!

for charities, amateur performing groups, interest and social groups
Would this stunning hall suit your needs?
to hold fundraising events, meetings, performances, socials
on any Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon or evening (3pm - 10pm)
in half-terms and school holiday periods only
in the Brewhouse for 50 only (normal tariff 200)
in the Courtyard Hall for 100 only (normal tariff 600)

Facility fee includes only use of the space and a number of tables and chairs to be agreed. Additional services, e.g. hire of crockery, tour of the house, can be added to the package for an additional fee. Book by phone or email. First come, first served! Availability very limited.

For the children:

A special offer for children's charities and PTAs: Use of the Brewhouse or Courtyard Hall or the outside Paddock on Saturday or Sunday afternoons (2pm - 5pm) from April to October inclusive for only 25 (including the use of 8 trestles and 20 chairs if required; additional seating available for reasonable sum). The space could be used for a fund-raising event, a children's performance or what you will. Arrangements for entry on the day to be negotiated but funds from tickets sold in advance to supporters to be retained by the organisation. First Come, First Served basis. Book by phone or email.