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The Gardens 

Sulgrave Manor garden sits within four acres of land and remains true to the original plans of Sir Reginald Blomfield who was entrusted with its design in the 1920s.

From the Courtyard a path leads to an open grass area, ideal for picnics, parties and playing. The flower beds are predominantly herbaceous and mixed with varieties of subtle lavender.The formal structure is produced by the yew hedges and topiaries, gifted to the Manor over the years. 

A Rose Garden of eight beds, with a central feature of a sundial, dated 1579, is to the east of the House and there is seating in the shady areas for visitors to take their ease.

Oxfordshire northamptonshire gardens

Forty two fruit trees, predominantly old varieties of apple, comprise the Orchard. Presiding over all is 'King Lod', a Loddington apple tree thought to be 180 years old. In spring the orchard is underplanted with daffodils, narcissi and delicate fritillary. In May grasses and buttercups are allowed to flourish before being mown for the summer.  In autumn visitors walk under an arch of glossy red apples!

Oxfordshire Northamptonshire gardens

Tudor Garden
A replica forge has been built in a south west corner and beside this is a typical Tudor peasant's garden full of the types of vegetables and plants that would have been grown in the sixteenth century. From here young visitors can scamper through a little copse to a willow tunnel and discover 'Bugingham Palace'  where all sorts of creepy crawlies are encouraged to reside! 

Herb Gardens
The Manor is also home to the growing beds of the National Herb Society. Here there are domestic, culinary and medicinal herbs some that were taken to America, others that were introduced from America.

Herb garden Northamptonshire

We hope all our visitors will linger in this historical garden which is a delight in any season and of interest to keen gardeners as well as those who would rather sit awhile and take in the sights and breathe in the scents.