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Get a head for history-discover how the Washington children lived and played at the Manor in the time of the Tudors.


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Stars, Stripes, Lions and Dragons


See these at Sulgrave Manor!

Was the American flag based on a medieval coat of arms?
Did Queen Elizabeth I hide at Sulgrave Manor?
Why is there a lion, a dragon and two sheep heads above the front door?
What on earth is a 'yehakin'?

Discover the answers to these and more when you visit Sulgrave Manor.

The House is only shown by guided tour which lasts about an hour and a quarter. Children are welcome and get involved in all tours.

'There's plenty to do at Sulgrave Manor'

Love history by going back in time to when the Tudors ruled.
Imagine the eleven Washington living and playing at the Manor.
Take a special children's tour to see where they slept and ate.
Try pumping water, striking a light or setting the mouse trap in the kitchen.
On Family Holiday Mondays dress up in costume and try to avoid the birch in the school room!

Search the garden to find either Mr Washington's sheep, Herbie Hedgehog and his friends or Cyril Squirrel.
Seek 'the door without a handle' and 'the fireplace without a room'!

For the very young there are some rather large 'ladybirds' to spot.
See how many you can find

Collect a sticker for every trail you follow.

On our Jolly Trolley in the Buttery, you will find lots of things to do!
Grown ups can take their ease with tea and yummy cake!

Play games in the paddock. Run through the willow tunnel.
Be a wildlife investigator and check out the bugs in 'Bugingham Palace'!

Go quietly by the hedgehog box...ssshhh!

'I didn't expect there to be so many activities for kids!'
'I thought somewhere like this would be boring but it's not!'

'Can't catch me!

What are they looking at?

Have you got this one?

This smells nice.

I think I'm winning!

If you do this....

And something for when you get home…..

Packed with things to do, our great Activity Pack is fun!

Learn about Tudors as well.
Design a Tudor meal, practice some 16th century handwriting, find the way through the maze,
play the Sulgrave Manor game and more…

Get into crafts with our handy Cross Stitch Pack.

Make a colourful hanging for a bedroom wall, door or Christmas tree.
Based on the Rose Garden at the Manor, the pack has everything you need.

For a great read dip into our very own story 'Stars of Fortune'.

16th Century intrigue, secrets and plots surround the Washington children
as they try to help the young Princess Elizabeth.

Pictures and writing by pupils of Wychwood School, Oxford

The above items are available in the Gift Shop to purchase, as well as a big selection of pocket money goodies!

When you get home challenge yourself to
'How many things did you discover?'

A message for the grown ups…..

Don't just take our word for it that Sulgrave Manor is a great place to bring your young ones, read what was written not so long ago by one visitor….

Last week we visited Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire and we thought it was excellent, for boys and girls. I would highly recommend it.

The manor is the home of George Washington's ancestors…It's actually a modest manor house from the 16th century, but those who run it have done a terrific job in making it an attractive venue to visit. There's not just the American angle, but also a huge emphasis on being family-friendly.

Sulgrave actually offers a tour especially for children, something I'd never heard of before, but which really impressed me. The guide (Thea) was excellent and we all (adults included) learnt an awful lot. The kids also loved getting involved - my son enjoyed turning the spit by the old fire, a job he would had in the old days - and both children were fascinated to hear about the 11 Washington children.

I was also impressed that the small cafe included a plethora of child-friendly activities, from brass rubbing to I-Spy and making bookmarks. I think that other museums could learn from this one.

Times Education Blog Schoolgate June 2010

Looking forward to welcoming you soon!