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Specialising in kinaesthetic learning for 4-18 year-olds, school visits to Sulgrave Manor are full of engaging learning activities that include the whole of the class. Our young visitors experience learning through action, including drama, music, games and role-play, all set within an authentic Tudor and Georgian manor house and grounds. 

Sulgrave Manor welcomes 200 school groups a year from all over the country as well as the local area.

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School visits to Sulgrave Manor take place between 10am and 2pm and all schools have an indoor base where lunch is eaten. The programmes are led by costumed presenters and children’s costumes are available onsite for hire, making it as easy as possible for all the class to join in.

Teachers and adults must accompany all school groups and supervise the children at all times. There is free parking for coaches and complimentary tea and coffee for coach drivers. Souvenirs can be bought in the gift shop at lunch time and goody-bags can be pre-ordered. Every child receives a ‘come back free’ voucher.

Pre-visits are welcome – please call us if you wish to make an appointment.

£6.50 per child
£3.00 costume hire per child for Key Stage 2 (4 garments each)
£1.50 costume hire per child for Key Stage 1 (2 garments each)
One free adult with every ten children or part thereof
One-to-one carers free
£6.50 each for any additional adults
We cater for small groups, but a minimum charge of £142.50 applies.

Sulgrave Manor offers the following schools programmes: 

The Tudor Experience
'The Tudor Experience' is our most popular programme for Key stage 2, comparing the lives of the rich and the poor in Tudor times. The Lord of the Manor's servants will lead you in exploring his 16th-century house and authentic artefacts. You can also choose to perform a role-play drama about the Tudor Royal family, visit the Blacksmith's forge, sing and dance, play Tudor games, write with quill and ink or learn to swaddle a baby! 
See more information to select the best options for you and your class.

The English Civil War
This is suitable for Key Stage 2 and Key stage 3 students. The session considers the causes and consequences of the Civil War and how it divided families and includes a unique opportunity to get up close to original documents and face Obadiah Smith, a Parliamentarian sequester. Hear tales of those who work in Abel Makepeace's house and his family connections with the "malignant Royalist". Prove yourself in the pike drill and train with swords! Will you join the County Militia or be punished in the pillory?. 
"This visit has really helped the students' understanding of the period, the content was just right"

Living Long Ago
'Living Long Ago' brings history alive for Key Stage 1 children by comparing the Manor House, its rooms and artefacts with modern day living...where is the fridge, microwave washing-machine, bathroom and television? Get hands-on and active with music, dance, toys and games from hundreds of years ago and make a lavender bag to take home and protect yourself from the plague!

Exploration in the Sixteenth Century
This programme is suitable for Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2. Visit the house of a Tudor businessman and consider the reasons for and dangers of sea voyages during this great period of discovery. Younger children will handle artefacts, discuss provisions, load the ship, follow clues or maps to search for treasure...such as potatoes, turkey and chocolate! Year 5 and 6 students can try early navigational techniques with compass, log-line and traverse board.
"All of us year 2s and the teachers though it was excellent"
N.B. This programme is not available on Mondays.

Social Life in the Sixteenth Century
This programme gives GCSE and A-Level students the opportunity to get up close to original documents of the period and use primary source evidence. A tour of the Manor House reveals what it can tell us about the social standing and family life of Lawrence Washington. A relaxed session allows students to handle replica artefacts, show their skill with traditional gambling games, play a musical instrument or try on a courtly costume. This programme costs £7.50 per student and has a minimum charge of £150.
"This experience more than fulfilled expectations as (the Year 12 students) were able to get a real sense of the Tudor period"

Themed History Days 

"Leisure and Entertainment in Tudor times" - Ideal for KS2 to learn about leisure and entertainment in the time of the Tudors.  While the poor had little time for relaxation apart from on some feast days, the wealthy were enjoying a new life style.  Houses became homes and gardens became places for enjoyment.  The new rich were establishing themselves in comfortable and substantial houses and taking advantage of increased leisure time.  Tour the Manor House to discover how the Washingtons lived and entertained. Learn sixteenth century dances, sing a simple song and enjoy typical games of the period, such as Catch Quoits, Three Men's Morris, Put and Take and the Game of the Goose!

"Childhood in the Tudor times"
- KS2 pupils can relive childhood in the times of the Tudors.  Discover how the eleven Washington children lived and played in the Manor House as you explore 3 Tudor rooms.  Compare their lives to those of poorer children and with children today.  Experience writing with quill and ink, using the Tudor alphabet, as children would have done in a 16th century school room but beware the birch!  Enjoy some rare playtime with authentic style 16th century toys and games: show your skill with marbles, catch quoits and the strategic game of Nim.

"Rich and Poor in the Tudor times"
- An outstanding opportunity for KS2 pupils to experience life in the time of the Tudors for both the wealthy and the poor.  Tour the Manor House to discover how the Washingtons lived and what life was like for their servants.  Explore the reasons and neccessity for "good marriages", take part in a courtly dance and also a more raucous dance enjoyed by the commoners.  Participate in an interactive role-play in order to open a window into the life of Lord of the Manor, Lawrence Washington, as well as the ordinary working folk of the village.

KS2 Shakespeare Drama Workshop         Click here for details                           Click here for Booking Form


Christmas Through the Ages                      Click here for details                           Click here for Booking Form

Schools wishing to bring more than 30 children at one time please phone to discuss.

Sulgrave Manor holds both The Sandford Award, and a Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge. 

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